The Three Little Pigs

August 9, 2016 in Kids / Media

‘The Three Little Pigs’ is such a classic with the old and young audience, I’d presume it’s hard to have much breakthrough when it comes to re-telling the story. But The Little Company did not disappoint!

Based on the classic tale, this original adaptation of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ teaches the kids how success can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. I like how they highlighted the importance for a family to stick together too!

The kids were laughing their heads off at many parts of the show. Yes, even my lil’ dragonlady! That says a lot cos she has this cold and expressionless face most of the time even when she likes what she’s watching.

Love how they pepper the show with plenty of puns and some local lingo too. Definitely made the show more entertaining for us parents! The Husb, who’s usually just the 陪客, had such a good time he exclaimed this was the best (kids’) show he watched with us!

Keep a watchful eye for the Big Bad Wolf who is wickedly good in his role!

‘The Three Little Pigs’ run from now till 16 September at Singapore Repertory Theatre. Get your tickets here.

Dyson V8 Fluffy

July 17, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle / Media

You know you have moved to new levels of auntiehood when you gladly spend a Saturday morning at a vacuum cleaner workshop. Of course, it helped tremendously that the vacuum cleaner is from a renowned brand – Dyson, and there are activities to keep the kids entertained while the parents learn more about the new Dyson V8 Fluffy!

Shall spare you the details of Dyson’s history but I think it’s important to share that Dyson take a lot of pride in their research and development. I am impressed by how they constantly seek to reinvent with better ideas and technologies to solve the problems that are often ignored.

Personally I don’t vacuum often because the heat and seemingly dusty air (makes my nose itch!) expelled from the vacuum cleaner gets to me and it IS tiring lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner with cords and all around the whole house. But with the Dyson V8 Fluffy, I don’t have such concerns cos this Dyson lightweight machine comes with HEPA filtration!

The Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum captures and retains more dust using patented 2 Tier RadialTM cyclones. 15 cyclones, arranged across two tiers, generate powerful centrifugal forces to spin dust and dirt out of the airflow.

Any remaining particles are captured by the post motor filter – including allergens and bacteria as small as 0.3 microns. And because the entire system is engineered to be sealed, the air that leaves the machine is cleaner than the air you breathe.

That’s cleaning and air-purifying all at the same time! Definitely more assuring to let my asthmatic son and eczema-prone daughter use the machine.

Cleaner head

Due to their design, many conventional cleaner heads are unable to suck up fine dust and large debris simultaneously. In order to suck up large debris, a large gap is required between the cleaner head and the floor. This gap can allow suction to escape, and fine dust is left behind on the floor surface and in crevices. To remove fine dust from the floor surface and crevices, a cleaner head needs a tight seal with the floor to prevent suction power from leaking. A tight seal means that large debris is pushed along the floor. Frustrated with the limitations of conventional cleaner heads, Dyson engineers went back to the drawing board to design a new kind of cleaner head that was effective at picking up both fine dust and large debris at the same time.Instead of a brush bar with bristles, the Dyson V8 Fluffy cordless vacuum has a roller covered entirely in soft woven nylon. The larger roller covered in soft woven nylon traps large debris, whilst anti-static carbon fibre filaments remove fine dust.

Hygienic dirt ejector

The Dyson V8 features a new bin emptying mechanism, eliminating the need to handle the dirt directly. As the bin is emptied, a rubber collar slides down the shroud, scraping dirt off. This enables the user to hygienically drive out trapped dust and debris in a single action.

We haven’t reached the point where we need to clear out the dirt yet as we have only used the Fluffy a couple of times the past week, but I’m sure it won’t be of any issue! (Time to clear the bin when the amount of dirt reaches a marking indicated on the bin.)

Powerful suction

The Dyson V8 offers powerful, fade-free suction thanks to the compact and powerful Dyson digital motor V8 – it spins at 110,000 rpm, five times faster than a Formula One car engine. The max mode is awesome. It offers higher suction for more difficult tasks, and can be easily activated with a more intuitive new switch.

For hard to reach areas like the space between the car seats, max mode + slim-cleaner-head works magic!


If you’ve tried using a regular cordless machine to clean raised surfaces, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Because regular machines are middle and bottom heavy, it is near impossible and just impractical to clean anything other than the floor. The weight of the Dyson V8 however, rests right in the palm of your hand. This makes the machine easy to manoeuvre, and much easier to lift and clean hard to reach places.

It also comes with different cleaner head attachments that snap on and off effortlessly with a new quick release catch, so you can get the job done quickly without breaking a sweat. There is a tool for every surface.

How ecstatic I am to finally find a vacuum cleaner that can clean our mattresses, soft toys and child-seats with such ease that even the kids can do it!

Double the battery life compared to its predecessor

The Dyson V8 offers improved battery runtime of up to 40 minutes, as compared to 20 minutes in previous generation machines. I haven’t used a Dyson vacuum cleaner before so I can’t really compare but a longer duration is always welcomed, so I rotate between the normal and max modes depending on how dirty the area is. There’s also a new battery runtime indicator which gives a visual indication of cleaning time remaining.

50% quieter

Dyson invests heavily in optimising the acoustics of its technologies. Where more power typically translates to more noise, the Dyson V8 purrs despite the powerful suction. Guess the noise level from the Dyson V8 is acceptable if I don’t get complaints when I vacuum around 11ish at night!

It’s tough and lightweight

Strong materials with durable and lightweight properties were chosen in the construction of the Dyson V8. The polycarbonate clear bin is made from the same durable material as riot shields.

At just 2.6kg, the kids didn’t have much difficulties using it. And you know the product is tough when it can withstand the kids’ manhandling.


The Dyson V8 is now available in major departmental stores and electrical multiples. The machine includes a 2 year warranty on parts and labour.

Dyson V8 Fluffy @ $1099
(includes soft roller cleaner head, mini motorised tool, combination tool and the crevice tool)

Dyson V8 Motorhead @ $999
(includes direct-drive cleaner head, mini motorised tool, combination tool and the crevice tool)

Dyson V8 Absolute @ $1199 *Exclusive to Best Denki
(includes direct-drive cleaner head, soft roller cleaner head, mini motorised tool, combination tool and the crevice tool)

Note: We were invited to the preview of Dyson V8 and provided with a Dyson V8 Fluffy for the purpose of this review.

Breakfast at Manhattan Fish Market

July 10, 2016 in Media

Manhattan Fish Market has an all new breakfast menu on weekends and we got to try them out!

Eggs Benedict Sharing Platter ($17.95)

Personally, we prefer our eggs scrambled but the cub took to the poached ones quite well. The pancakes were unfortunately not fluffy enough for the kids. Luckily the sausages made up for it!

Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom Sandwich ($8.95)

The smoked salmon and mushroom combination is a first for me. Quite interesting, I must say. We had an overdose of poached eggs by now but enjoyed the crunchy tortilla bowl.

Nutella & Banana French Toast  ($4.95)

This is a total kid-pleaser! Can’t quite go wrong with Nutella and kids.

Glory Fish Tower ($7.95)

Manhattan Fish Market’s forte definitely lies on their fish. Their signature batter was crispy and tasty. Onion fans would appreciate the crispy onion side as well!

Note: We were invited for a food tasting at Manhattan Fish Market. All opinions are my own.

Dragonlady Turns 4: Twinkle Little Star Party

July 3, 2016 in Kids

Yikes, it’s July and I’m still not done with the lil’ dragonlady’s birthday posts!

Now that the kids have made friends with their classmates in school, they much prefer to celebrate their birthdays with their own friends and teachers in school. As compared to celebrating with Mommy’s friends and Mommy’s friends’ children, that is. Which is why I’ve been doing small-scale parties in their schools and the lil’ dragonlady’s 4th birthday celebration was no exception.

Small parties may be small in scale, but doesn’t mean it’s little fun! Having a theme is still a must – it makes everything look coordinated, and makes it easier for us to source for party stuff too. After shortlisting a few themes, I showed the lil’ dragonlady pictures from Google and Pinterest to let her have a rough idea on what to expect from the different themes so that she can decide what she wants for her party. Turns out pretty much anything goes for her for the birthday theme, which means 老妈子 get to decide on the theme!. I have been meaning to do a ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ theme party for the lil’ dragonlady because she LOVED the song when she was a wee bub and it almost always calms her down. Finally got the chance to do this before she gets too old for it!

Party Look:

Manicure + Pedicure + nail art (as a birthday treat)

‘4’ tee from lepetitsociety

Party Setup:

Balloons are a must-haves. They instantly makes a place look party-ish!

Party Cake:

To me, birthday cakes are one big highlight of birthday parties. Hence, I place much emphasis on the design of the cake to set the tone of the birthday celebration. Got my trusty baker, Celebrate with Cake, to come up with a design after sharing some of my ideas and requirements.

Once again, they have impressed me by coming up with a beautiful cake that perfectly matched the lil’ dragonlady’s party attire!

Party Game:

When the kids were done with the cake, it was time for the piñata to make its appearance! I couldn’t find a star-shaped pinata, nor someone who can customise it for me. In the end, I got the lil’ dragonlady to choose whatever that is available from the party supplies website. The perfectionist in me found this somewhat hard to accept when the lil’ dragonlady chose a heart-shaped Disney princesses piñata, but I kept reminding myself “as long as the birthday girl is happy!”.

True enough. It didn’t bother lil’ dragonlady and her friends one bit that the piñata didn’t fit into the theme and couldn’t wait to start pulling the piñata! (We usually get the string piñatas for school parties to minimize risk of the kids accidentally hitting each other with the stick.)

Besides snacks like kinderbueno and marshmallows, I threw in some stationery packs that I put together myself for the kids as well. Also told the kids that they are not to finish all the snacks on their own, and have to share them with their siblings (if any!) and their parents.

Party Favors:

That’s not all. Party favours for this Stars-themed party are star-themed books!

Personally, I LOVE the Daddy’s Little Star and My Little Star books! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside reading it.

Last little party favour – 合照 with the birthday girl! Got the birthday girl to take individual pictures with her classmates and teachers so that I can print them out on the Fuji Instax mini polaroid film. Stars-border ones, of course.

Specially bought the Instax mini printer for this because it’s so much more convenient to edit and send for print than using the camera. Especially with kids their age, I would probably have wasted many film before getting one good shot with the camera. Reprints are much easier with the printer too – one copy for her classmate and another for us to keep!

Everyone had heaps of fun and the lil’ dragonlady was absolutely delighted at how her party turned out. Grateful that the teachers helped to coordinate and manage the kids during the party and allowed our celebration to overrun!

Stop Bugging Me at Artify Studio

June 28, 2016 in Kids / Parenting

“..moms indulging in some time off at their own craft class while the little ones go off exploring with us.”

Sounds puuurrrrrfect.

That is exactly what ‘Stop Bugging Me’ concept of a workshop for moms and kids promise at Artify Studio. With the Husb away on one of the weekends that coincided with a ‘Stop Bugging Me’ workshop, I jumped at the opportunity to try if this could work for us. Was most excited to snag a slot when both programmes appealed to us – stamp-making for me and terrarium making for the kids!

To get things started, the kids introduced themselves. At this point, I have to put on record how proud I am of the cub – who not only introduced himself clearly when asked to, and even stepped up to help introduce his lil’sis to everyone when she didn’t want to say anything.

Then there was some simple sharing of the science behind a terrarium. The kids were guided to do a step-by-step draw-together of the terrarium they will build.

The lil’ dragonlady struggled with this and lost her temper at her brother when she couldn’t come up with a drawing. Again, I was made proud when my firstborn held it together and continued to help her lil’ sis after I managed to calm her down.

Their favourite stage has gotta be the actual dirty work of putting together the terrarium for their Dads.

SOOOO GLAD this was done at a studio, and not at home! Heh.

Over at my side (which was just the other half of the room), I was totally looking forward to learn how to make a stamp from ParadeMade!

Even though there were times when I had to excuse myself for some disciplinary action or attend to some toileting needs, the lovely people from ParadeMade ensured I could catch up with more guidance when I returned.

Thought I did pretty well for a first-timer!

I must say, this ‘Stop Bugging Me’ concept is brilliant. Both the kids and myself got to have fun learning something new together, but not quite together.

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