Celebrating Cub’s Fantastic Fourth : Part I

For his 4th birthday, the cub decided that he wanted to celebrate with his little buddies at school with a Batman-themed party. I was a little reluctant to do Batman though ‘cos he seemed a little too dark to my liking, but whatever the birthday boy wants goes!

Birthday Cake

Inspired by Pinterest, I gave Celebrate-with-Cake some ideas I had shortlisted and they came up this Batman cake. LOVE IT!

Party Favors

Thanks to V, I got to know where to get superhero capes and bought one for each of the cub’s classmates.

The capes almost didn’t make it in time. That story probably deserves a post on its own. Just hope that I’ve the time to share about it!

Party Set-up

Backdrop, partyware and balloons were all from MTrade Novelty. Got smaller 9” air-filled balloons as part of the party favors as well. Efficient response, affordable prices and great variety – I’d definitely recommend them for party stuff!

Because the capes almost didn’t make it in time, I decided to add on a piñata (from another provider that I do not recommend!) so that the kids can fill up their own goody bags.

The entire celebration was done in less than 1.5 hours. Not too bad, I guess!


就这样忙忙碌碌地又过了一年。 今年过得真不容易。有好多时候觉得好孤独。有好多问题不知和谁倾诉,也不知道从何说起。做大人真不容易。 还好我的两个宝贝也把我当成宝,陪了我度过一些很难捱的日子。做了妈妈果然不一样。虽然常有身心疲惫的感觉,但宝贝们的笑容和存在总有办法让我觉得自己有无限量的力量和勇气去面对一切困难和不快乐。 总觉得今年有太多不开心的事发生在大环境里,朋友群里,自己的生活里。我只想要简单的生活,简单的幸福,简单的快乐。我希望能把所有的不快乐都留在2014里,希望一切在2015起变更美好! Here’s a personal favourite quote to share with you: Be kind, always. Everyone has their own battles to fight. (你不知道的事,不代表不存在的.)