From toddler to preschooler

September 28, 2015 in Kids

It’s official. My littlest one is no more a baby!

23rd September 2015 marks the first day my littlest one goes to school without her milk powder and bottle packed in her bag. The teachers have started to wean them off their habit of a feed before nap in preparation for their promotion to Nursery 2 next year.

I don’t foresee much issue with her weaning since she has more or less cut the milk feed for her afternoon naps on weekends with us when her brother weaned his afternoon-nap-feed last year. I’m going to miss watching them drink with their bottles like a baby, but so glad I no longer have to wash any milk bottles!

With my toddler’s upgrade, mommy here will be promoted to a full-fledged MOPS (Mom of Pre-schoolers)!


September 28, 2015 in Musings

I look forward to the little pocket of me-time I have weekly while waiting for the kids to be done with the only enrichment class I don’t have to join in. Usually, this is when I get to catch up on my blog posts or check out my shopping carts.

Two weeks ago while the kids were at class, I was overwhelmed by exhaustion and nearly dozed off at my seat outside the centre. I stood up to work on my laptop instead but it didn’t help. It was such a struggle trying to keep my eyes opened!

I closed my laptop and packed my stuff. Turned to the mum sitting next to me and told her I needed to get a drink or else I’m going to fall asleep any moment. (We kinda knew each other as our daughters are in the same class.) I asked her if she wanted any drinks and was pleasantly surprised that she decided to come along with me to grab a drink together!

This turned out to be my highlight for the day. We had such a good time chatting we were late in picking up our girls! During our get-to-know-each-other session over her ice-cream and my Himalayan tea latte, I discovered some similarities we both share in our roles as mothers.

Multi-task until blur

I was pretty proud of my multi-tasking skills before, and never liked just doing one thing at one time cos I felt it was such a waste of time. Now, I cannot remember how it is like doing and focusing on just one thing at a time. My mind feels so cluttered with thoughts on how to plan the weekend schedule, how to plan the kids’ enrichment classes so that it works for all of us, how to work more efficiently at work, how to have more quality time with the husb, how to squeeze some time out for me to learn something new, how to increase our income with more expenses, etc.

Sometimes an idea to fix one of the how-tos would hit me while I’m working on something and when I want to grab something to jot it down, I would walk out of my room and forget what I was supposed to get or what idea I had in mind. God knows how many times I had to retrace my steps to help myself to recall. It’s pretty scary and I was glad to know I’m not alone – this new mummy friend I made was the same!

The lost Scheduler

I’m a huge fan of Google Calendar. I derive pleasure in planning my schedule, my kids’ schedules and knowing my husband’s schedule. We share calendars so that I can better plan our week nights and our weekends. I share calendars with my folks so that I know when I need to look for back-up babysitters. I feel pretty accomplished when my plans go ahead as well, planned.

It can be a small matter to others to forget something while running errands at different locations. But if I leave out something I am supposed to do at one of the locations, I would get extremely peeved at myself. I hate putting myself in a dilemma if I should go back and get that to-do checked off my list, or move onto my next to-do. It’s exasperating because I made much effort to plan my schedules nicely in order to get the to-dos done, and such situations still happen. I was glad to learn I’m not alone – his new mummy friend gets just as peeved with herself in such situations too!


I left the café feeling happier after what feels like a good therapy session. As it turned out, all I needed was a listening ear and more affirmation that moms are never alone in their (maybe strange) struggles to perk me up.

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

September 13, 2015 in Kids

It’s no secret that I enjoy animation films as much, or maybe even more than my kids. Have been meaning to check out the DreamWorks Animation exhibition at the Art Science Museum and finally found an opportunity when we were going to catch a performance at Marina Bay Sands with the kids this weekend. Gotta make our car park redemption worthwhile, you see. 😉

The kids were excited to see the familiar faces of the characters they have seen on the animation films greeting them at the entrance area.

Recognising the different characters from the films he watched

The kids might not have fully understood some of the sharing of the behind-the-scenes work, but they had fun trying out the different interactive stations – one where we can learn how animators create expressions on the different characters and another where we draw pictures for the different frames and play them so that it appears as a (really) short animation clip.

Not that I don’t already know, but animation films are such awful lot of work from getting the concept onto paper, developing a good storyline, building models and whole ton of whatnots, getting suitable voices, etc! Do spend some time watching the interviews on the sharing from the people behind the screens. And what we get to see and read about are just a fraction of the work that goes into an animation film. Big kudos to the people behind the animation films! I promise to always watch 你们的正版!

At the DIY-a-Flip-Book station, the kids had much fun (and frustration) trying to tear the drawings along the perforated lines and putting together their flip book.

We took a ride on Toothless and watched never-seen-before footage from How to Train Your Dragon on a really wide screen.

Since it was during the school holidays when we were there, there were some themed games for the kids to try their hands on – feeding Toothless at How-to-Train-Your-Dragon station, speed-grab dim sum with the chopstick like Po in Kungfu Panda, test of strength at Shrek’s station, and free Kowalski at Madagascar’s station.

The kids got to do some coloring as well..

..before leaving with a little Gingy, that was given to them for completing all four game stations!

Just to share:

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition runs from now till 27 Sep at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands.

Teacher’s Day gifts

September 2, 2015 in Kids

The gifts were sent out today instead of tomorrow as my dear daughter gave me the wrong information – she said it’s teacher’s day celebration today but it was not. Oh wells, better early than late.

Put the new printer to good use! Got the teachers to take pics with the kids and send them to me. The kids were excited to see how the pics were printed out.

Between ‘happy teacher’s day’ and ‘best teacher’, the kids chose the latter. So I pasted the photo on card stock paper, decorated the card with washi tape and the alphabet stickers that said ‘Best Teacher’, and had the kids wrote notes on them.

They got to choose the bags and different colored pens for each of their teachers too. Like before, I included some movie vouchers as treats for the teachers!

老师们,辛苦了! It’s amazing how much patience and tolerance each of you have when I think of the number of kids you all deal with every day. Enjoy your day off. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Solo-Parenting : Zoo outing with the Kids

August 31, 2015 in Kids / Parenting

Turning another year older got me feeling a little more adventurous than usual. The cub had been asking to go to the zoo, so I decided to bring both kids there on my own!

Being on my own with them in a zoo is very different from being on my own with them in a mall. This simply means I have to be more prepared than usual. Besides packing necessities like water bottles, EO for insect repellent, wet wipes and diapers, here are some tips to share that I thought helped made my solo-parenting outing experience easier.

One: Check the weather forecast

The weather forecast thunderstorm in the morning but I wasn’t about to change my plans cos of that. In fact, I think it was the rain that helped made our first solo-parenting zoo outing much more enjoyable! The night before and on the morning itself, I prepped the kids that they might have to check out the animals in the zoo in the rain but it will be alright because we have rain gear!

Honestly, I don’t think this would be an issue for most kids. After all, which kid doesn’t like to walk/run in the rain and jump in water puddles?!

Two: ALWAYS bring snacks.

The zoo may not be huge, but I’m going to need some incentives to motivate my preschoolers to keep them moving on their own. I kept the snacks in the bag secretly – surprise of snacks work even better! It was most helpful when we were stranded in a pavilion for shelter, with no animals to look at.

Such an energy booster!

Three: Managing Expectations

This is the most important step to me – letting the kids know what to expect from the outing and what I expect from them. So I laid some rules for this excursion.

  • We don’t have to cover the entire zoo and see every animal on the map if any one of them is too tired to continue. It’s okay if that happens because we can always come back another day.
  • If they fight, we will leave immediately.
  • They should be holding onto each other most, if not all the time.
  • They have to follow me closely and make sure they are within my sight all the time.
  • Mommy is alone, so they will have to help me out whenever possible.

The firstborn definitely played his role well. He made sure to look out for his lil’ sis almost all the time. He helped me out by carrying some of the lighter stuff in his bag (so that I have more space for the heavier whatnots in my bag).

Towards the last leg of our visit, the lil’ dragonlady was feeling lots of pain from the broken skin on both her feet. The poor thing pressed on and continued walking despite the pain cos she knew I was not able to carry her with my bad back. I was so touched because I know I would have been fussing and asking to go home if I had the same pain.

Tip Three.One: Bring a little safety kit!

I felt guilty for not bringing any plasters and the souvenir shops along the way didn’t sell them. When we finally got to the main souvenir shop located at the exit, I tried my luck again and asked a staff if they sell any plasters. Again, the staff said no but she took the initiative to ask how many would we need and went in to get their first aid kit. It was a life saver!

Oh, and we learned something new from this outing! For big cat lovers, you might like to know that visiting the zoo on rainy days gives you a better chance to view them up close. The big cats don’t like to get wet and would stay in the sheltered area, which is usually just behind the glass at the viewing stand.

We had such a great albeit tiring time. Can’t believe we actually completed the long route! (I had a backup plan to do a shorter route if the kids start acting up.) The cool and wet weather definitely made it easier for us to last that long.

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