Perth 2016 – Fremantle

September 27, 2016 in Kids / Travel

Day 3 is family photoshoot day at Cottesloe Beach. I shall leave that for another post on its own. Because of Cottesloe’s proximity to Fremantle, we headed there right after the photoshoot was done to cure our growling tummies.

Between the two famous restaurants of Kailis and Cicerellos, I chose the latter randomly.

The winds today were strong and chilly so we decided to eat in comfort indoors instead. Otherwise the outdoors would be a good choice of having your meal with a view and some companions (birds were plenty!).

Kids (or adults) can watch fish swim while waiting for your food to be ready. Though I think it must have been disturbing for the fishes in the tanks to watch the customers have Fish & Chips all day long!

Deluxe Seafood Chowder

The Seafood Chowder was comforting to have in the cold especially and was pretty yummy. But both the Husb and I agree that the Clam Chowder we had at Pier 39, SF (10 years ago!) is still THE BEST.

Traditional Fish & Chips

The presentation may not look enticing but I love how fresh-sweet the fish tasted and the batter didn’t taste and smell of the oil. We had to order another of this cos the kids finished our portions too!

Local Crunchy Prawns

My absolute favourite item for our lunch! The shells were fried to perfection – crunchy (INDEED!) and didn’t feel like it was too hard to swallow.

Tempura Squid

Calamari! This was almost as good as the Crunchy Prawns that won because of their crunchiness. 😀

While waiting for us to finish up everything, the kids were doing a ‘Darla’ (Finding Nemo) along the fish tanks when a staff came to our table to ask if the two of them are our children. We went “yea—s?” and I wanted to add, ‘it depends on what you are going to tell me. Haha!’ Hey, if they were going to complain about them, then I might as well lighten up the situation!

As it turned out, he wanted to offer us fish food that we could use to feed the ones outside the restaurant! Either he liked our kids enough, or he was just trying to be nice about telling us to stop our kids from terrorizing the fish and shark in the tanks.

Anyway, the kids were excited to be able to feed the fish in the sea! Although it seemed more like they were feeding the birds most of the time.

Crossing the road from Cicerellos to where the Fremantle Tourist Wheel is, is a nice spot where we can take pictures on a track!

I wanted to do the touristy thing of taking the Tourist Wheel since it would only take about 7-8 minutes, but the kids were not interested.

Instead, they headed straight to the playground at the park!

Playground pics

Seriously, Perth has way too many playgrounds. :p They seem to be EVERYWHERE we go! If there were no pressing toilet needs, it would have been mission-impossible to get the kids to leave.

Perth 2016 – of Pancakes and Elizabeth Quay

September 25, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle / Travel

Pancakes at Carillion came highly recommended by my colleague. Their closing time at 3pm on all days except Friday proved to be quite a challenge for me to fit into our itinerary. Hence I was excited we just might have a chance to try it out when we were done with Whiteman Park early!

Don’t mind the kid’s face. She was woken up prematurely from her nap.

It’s located in the CBD area of Perth, so carpark was a tad harder to find. By the time we found a parking space and searched our way in between malls, it was 15 minutes to closing. Thankfully, they could still take our orders!

Teddy Bear @ $ 7.90
There was a little bear named Ted. He loved our pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Strawberry Volcano @ $ 6.90
Fluffy pancake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce and sprinkled with 100’s and 1000’s.

Banana-Rama @ $16.90
Two buttermilk pancakes served with grilled banana, ice cream, cream, caramel fudge sauce and dusted with icing sugar.

This was SO GOOD we had to get another one ‘cos the dragonlady didn’t have enough of it sharing with us. (Yes, after she was done with hers!)

We had to walk all that off with yet another visit to the supermarket in the neighbouring mall. I gotta say, luckily supermarket-shopping is awesome in Perth with all the excellent quality produce at reasonable prices, and we the Husb would whip out delicious comfort food for us every night with the ingredients bought! Otherwise, there were honestly nothing much else to shop for in Perth.

With some luck, we discovered where Elizabeth Quay when we found a carpark space. So after dropping off our groceries in the car, we went to check out this new space that was officially opened early this year.

Similar to our Clark Quay, you can find bars serving food and drinks with a waterfront view here at Elizabeth Quay.

Besides the waterfront view, we can also get a splendid view of Perth CBD here.

Alright, the only reason why the kids didn’t mind walking from the Pancakes place to Woolworths, and to Elizabeth Quay was this:

We promised they would get to play at a playground!

Good thing for us, our kids weren’t adventurous enough to climb up that structure you see in the background of the picture. We didn’t have to keep too much of a watchful eye and got to chill by the side watching them play sand.

Perth 2016 – Caversham Wildlife Park & Whiteman Park

September 19, 2016 in Kids / Travel

Caversham Wildlife Park is a must-visit for your little animal-lovers who will love the up-close experience!

We reached the Park around 9ish and decided to go for the 10am Farm Show first. Glad we did cos we were the early birds who got front row seats!

We got to see for ourselves how a sheep is sheared and learned how the different parts of the wool are categorized and sold. The speed at which the sheep is sheared is an eye-opener too!

If the Dads in your household are up for a fun challenge, watch how they crack a stock whip and volunteer for a try. Beware of the ear-splitting sound it makes! Made me jump every time they cracked the whip successfully.

We probably missed the part when they shared why they were asking for children volunteers but the cub raised his hand nonetheless and was selected! The lil’ dragonlady tagged along with her brother not knowing what she was in for.

As it turned out, the kids were tasked to bottle feed lambs! These lambs rushed towards the kids and were sucking the bottles with such might that the lil’ dragonlady lost grip of the bottle and freaked out after that.

I had to sheepishly 😁 go get her.

It’s a fun experience for the kids – just need to mentally prepare them that the lambs feed really fast and furiously!

Kids and adults also get to try milking a cow before the show ends.

Right outside the Farm Show venue is Molly’s Farm. There are different farm animals such as sheep, goats, turkeys roaming around in the enclosure.

Beware that one of the sheep is up to no good – going around to nuzzle his head into unsuspecting visitors and eating up our maps!

After that, we headed over to meet the Wombat & Friends at 11am.

No cuddling or carrying of the wombat and we were strictly advised to only touch their hind legs, if we must.

The cub was the bravest of us all – he went to touch a lizard!

And got us to queue to touch the possum as well.

Because there are no specific sessions for the feeding of kangaroos, we left it for the last and went over to Meet the Koalas at 1130am instead.

Again, we are not able to carry or cuddle the koala bears now. But a family pic with the Australian icon is still possible!

Last but not least, the most fun bit of the Park – Feeding the Kangaroos.

One of the tips I made sure to remember from May’s Perth post is to bring along a plastic bag for the kangaroo’s feed.

Visitors can start feeding the kangaroos from 9am when the Park opens. We were lucky that by this time (12ish), there were still hungry kangaroos!  One approached us when we walked in and was munching on food off our hands really quickly but gently.

Please be careful of the kangaroos’ poop! They are everywhere and they sometimes poop while feeding off your hands too.

A friendly staff of the Park came over and offered to help us with a family photo!

We spent about 3 hours here before having lunch at the Village Café, the only F&B place at Whiteman Park.

of the paad thai that didn’t taste like it

Let me put it this way, they are much better at their non-Asian food.  The fish & chips were pretty good!

Opposite the Village Café, you can find one of the Heritage Tram stops. This is the only place in Western Australia where you can ride on a genuine vintage electric tram!

We got onto the tram and paid for the tickets when the conductor came to us. The entire return trip took us about 25 minutes.

The kids were somewhat fatigued by the time we completed the whole return trip, and didn’t want to go for the vintage train ride. Otherwise the plan would be to alight at Village Junction station and switch to the train.

After more than 5 years of parenthood, we have gathered enough experience to know not to force the kids so this was the end of our Whiteman Park visit!

Tayriffic Perth Holidays 2016

September 16, 2016 in Kids / Travel

This September week-long school holiday, we headed down under to spend some 24/7 quality time with the kids in Perth.

Some tips to share:

Learning from past experience and with a shorter flight duration to Perth, we decided against a night flight and spared ourselves from waking up for a super-early morning flight. The kids were energetic during most of the flight and couldn’t wait to check out their in-flight entertainment options. Pity it was an older plane model (read: no touch screen) and seems like there were lesser movies and games to select from too. Thankfully, it was just a 5-hour flight so with whatever options we had, they lasted us well enough.

Please keep in mind the (MUCH) shorter opening hours of stores in Perth, especially on weekends. We arrived in Perth on a Saturday, collected our rented car and headed straight to the supermarket nearest to the airport as they close at 5pm!

We prefer to stay at hotels with a kitchenette. Since shops close early here, we usually prepare our own dinner. And hotels mean housekeeping services are more accessible, if needed.

Remember to bring along a mini-pharmacy of your own cos you can never be too prepared. The cub caught some gastro bug and had pretty bad tummy pain. He even slept through the whale-watching cruise ‘cos he was so tired out by the discomfort. It got so bad one night, he was running to the loo several times in an hour! Because the pharmacies there close at 6pm, the Husb could only get electrolyte drinks from Woolworths (they close at 8pm on weekdays). We headed straight to a pharmacy in the vicinity first thing in the morning and got him some probiotics at the pharmacist’s advice. She didn’t recommend charcoal pills as it’s better for kids to expel the toxins.

Our Essentials:

  • Paracetemol – in case of fever and pain, which we gave when he first complained of pain in the tummy
  • Ventolin inhaler + air chamber – in case of asthma
  • Medicated cream for eczema
  • Moisturiser – to minimize risk of eczema flaring up
  • Sunblock – this is crucial especially in Oz!
  • Essential Oils – RC, Purification, Thieves, ImmunPower, Peace & Calming, Deep Relief (for me!)
  • 如意油 for tummy aches (more comfort from the smell actually!), Zambuk for bruises, Mopiko for mozzie bites

The kids get to choose one soft toy they can each bring along for the holiday.

Puts them at ease to sleep on new beds!

WIFI router is a must! Especially if you intend to self-drive. We get ours from Changi Recommends because it’s more convenient to do pick-up and drop-off of the router when we depart or return from our trips. It allows a few devices to hook up on the network – the Husb’s mobile, my mobile, another mobile (for Google Map!) and laptop. Easier when the Husb goes out on his own to get stuff for us – we can still communicate as he brings the router with him and I’ll use the hotel’s WIFI.

It’s going to take some time but will definitely be sharing details on our trip in upcoming posts. In the meantime, check out #TayrifficPerthHols2016 on my Instagram for more.

Jack and the Beanstalk by Lyngo Theatre

September 12, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle

‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ by Lyngo gave us a different theatre experience. Firstly, it’s a one-man show with Patrick Lynch playing the different roles in the story. It’s amazing how Patrick pulls off the performance seemingly effortlessly with the use of different stage effects and props. The kids were highly amused and laughing their heads off at many points of the show. You really gotta see it yourself to be wow-ed, and bring along your imagination!

Our show today (on a public holiday) includes a backstage tour, with Patrick (yep, he really does everything!) explaining how lightings and props were used and made to enhance the theatre experience.

It was truly enlightening to have a glimpse of how creative the production team can be in putting together props, lightings and music to create the various effects in the performance.

‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ runs till 18 Sep 2016. Tickets can be bought here. Backstage tours available on weekend shows (limited to 12 pax!).

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