Celebrating 32: 二人世界

For the first part of my birthday celebrations, the husb planned a staycation for just the two of us. I was whisked off to Sentosa island’s Equarius Hotel right after I knocked off from work. We were most impressed with how luxurious and spacious the deluxe room is and the awesome view from our balcony! Service was nothing to shout about though.

We headed out for lunch at Imperial Treasure La Mian at my request, where I had my favorite 炸酱拉面 and pumpkin pancakes. The husb had planned to go Adventure Cove and and try out LUGE together since the kids were not with us. But well, the birthday girl was not the adventurous sort and would much prefer watching some performances instead. Ha!

In the end, we took a stroll in the vicinity of the hotel before we headed back to the hotel to rest. Sigh, signs of aging. To make the best out of our kids-free night, we decided to head to SKIRT at W Singapore for the birthday dinner. They have a child policy – only children above 8 years of age accompanied by an adult will be welcome to dine at SKIRT. That meant no guilt trips from watching other toddlers join their parents at dinner here. ;)

The food at SKIRT was amazing! The starters – grilled squid and ceasar salad were great albeit a tad salty to me. Heck, even the bread-in-the-basket was good. The husb couldn’t resist finishing it even though we were still somewhat full from our late lunch. We totally LOVE the steak which were grilled to perfection. The husb was contemplating to return to SKIRT even before we left the restaurant! The service and ambience were awesome. Only grumble was probably the smell of grill getting stuck to your clothes and hair. Still, definitely a lovely place to hang out without the kids.