Common Grounds at National Gallery

June 23, 2016 in Kids / Media

Good news!

To celebrate their one millionth visitor milestone, National Gallery is bringing Common Grounds back again this weekend 25-26 June! There will be the same fun activities – some of which I have shared over on Instagram, and a refreshed line-up of music and dance performances!

Create memories with life-sized artworks.
Tag #MyGalleryWeekend on Instagram to get a free instant print (Coleman Street).

Learn more about the fun activities from yesteryears:

pick-up sticks!

flip erasers


Paper cutting

Requesting the 写字佬 to help write his name in beautiful calligraphy

kacang putih treat!

Participate in some community art

by personalising your own shophouses and decided where they shall be.

Besides the Common Grounds, feel free to explore the rest of National Gallery.

Who’s in the Woods?

Keppel Centre for Art Education

Common Grounds
Date: 25-26 June 2016
Time: 11am – 6pm
Venue: National Gallery Singapore
Price: Free admission, fees to activities may apply

Celebrating Father’s Day with our own Wakersaur!

June 22, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle / Parenting

I know it’s supposed to be the Dads having their day-off for Father’s Day but let’s be realistic, ya? Swim classes go on!

Besides, Mommy here didn’t get a day off for swim class too! :p

I did my part by not committing to any events so that we can relax the weekend away.

Having his favourite hawker fare for breakfast

Catching a movie with his wife and kids who are HUGE fans of animated film!

Sharing his love for Indian food with his I-LOVE-PRATA kids

Indulging in our family’s official favourite fruit

Best treat of the weekend from their Daddy?

Bedtime storytelling!

Thought it was pretty apt for the Husb to introduce a new book written by a fellow Dad, Shervin Seah – Meet The Wakersaur!

The book was inspired by Shervin’s own experiences from trying to wake his kid up on a school day. Example, tickling the sole of their feet, smouldering them with kisses,

and rubbing stubble on them!

The cute illustrations on the book is done by up-and-coming illustrator, Candice Phang. Both Ts enjoyed the book very much, especially with demonstrations from Daddy. Parents would love that we can totally relate to this book and appreciate that it’s a fun, short and sweet book for bedtime.

‘’Meet the Wakersaur” is now available in Popular and MPH bookstores.

Dragonlady Turns 4: Gift of Ear Piercing

June 19, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle

[First started writing this post in the first week of June]

Can’t quite believe we are already half-way through 2016. May came and went in a flash! It was super-solo-parenting season with the husband, parents and helper all away for about 10 days. There was our lil’ dragonlady’s birthday celebration to prepare for, the cub’s primary school parent-volunteering matter to see to, heaps of household chores, on top of our usual routine and work. I am rather relieved that the month of May is over, and happy that my littlest one loved everything we did for her birthday.

First highlight of her birthday was finally getting what she had been asking for since last year – ear piercings! We had prepped her weeks prior to the appointment that the procedure is going to hurt but she would always respond, “I’m not scared. I will be brave!”

At a friend’s recommendation and also because they could do both piercings at one go, I decided to bring the lil’ dragonlady to Stellar at VivoCity.

The lil’ dragonlady could hardly contain her excitement in the week leading to her ear piercing appointment.

On the day of the appointment, she happily chowed down her birthday lunch promptly so that we could get to Stellar as soon as possible.

Stellar’s friendly staff seated the lil’ dragonlady nicely on the stool and got her to choose the earrings she wanted.

Then she waited patiently for the staff to prepare everything. Stellar’s staff were very reassuring and kept their little customer updated on what to expect.

As we waited for the numbing cream to take effect, the staff proceeded to mark where to pierce on both ears.

Then it was time! My littlest one was so confident she can manage the pain, she didn’t want to hold my hand despite my offer!

I must say, she really held it together very well for a 4yo.

As she gradually got over the shock from the impact, she couldn’t help admiring her earrings every time she walked past a mirror.

She was so proud of her new accessory and showed everyone when she got home.

The lil’ dragonlady was so happy with her ear piercings and earrings, she thanked me a few times and was even okay when I couldn’t find another gift she had wanted because she already has the one she wanted the most.

Van Cleef & Arpels: The Art and Science of Gems

June 18, 2016 in Lifestyle / Media

Thought it was an excellent opportunity to introduce a world of fanciful stones to the kids with one of the big names in luxury jewellery – Van Cleef & Arpels, through their exhibition – Van Cleef & Arpels: The Art and Science of Gems at Marina Bay Sands. After all, how often do you get a luxury jewellery exhibition that includes workshops and activities for kids?

I had the impression that the event would be a kids-friendly one since they were prepared to allow kids into their exhibition with workshops and activity stations for children. But to have security people telling my kids every time they put their hands on the glass display cases to take a closer look sends a very simple message – this exhibition is NOT for children. Maybe I can’t give a true representation of how all children behave generally but based on what I observed from the kids I know, it’s impossible that kids can keep their hands to themselves when they are being their curious selves and checking out new things.

Frankly, I was getting a little annoyed with the hounding by the time we got to the second section, and told the kids to just put their hands in their pockets as we quickly made our way out of the exhibition. Their interest was lost, just as mine was, and were asking to go to Future World instead.

I’m sorry I can’t share how stunning the jewellery were or how much we learned about the formation of precious stones, cos I was busy reminding my kids not to touch the glass display cases as we walked through the exhibition. This is probably for the much much older kids.

And if you do have to bring along your kids (preschoolers like mine), reward them with a visit to the Future World at basement level.

ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands
23 April to 14 August 2016
Mon-Sun 10am to 7pm (last entry at 6pm)
Get tickets here.

Shrek The Musical

June 12, 2016 in Kids / Lifestyle / Media

It’s no secret that I LOVE animation films and the Shrek series is definitely one of my favourites, with each instalment sharing real issues such as being comfortable with who you really are (gas and all) in front of your true love, issues with in-laws, kids, longing for the good ol’ days, etc. Princess Fiona is probably the only princess we can all relate to!

The Shrek Musical is based on the first instalment, where it all began. Not quite the typical fairy tale, Shrek the ogre (instead of Prince Charming) went to save the princess for a villain in order to get his swamp back. Along the way, he met Donkey who was determined to be Shrek’s BFF. Shrek saved the Princess and fell in love with her, but due to some misunderstanding (like our drama shows), they separated from each other. The story ended well with both of them facing their true self and feelings and got rid of the villain in the midst of all that chaos.

I think this live adaptation did a great job putting everything – cast, costumes, set design, props (the Dragon!) – on the stage. The kids haven’t watched the movie version of the first instalment but managed to catch the story through this performance! The cub enjoyed the hilarious conversations between Shrek and Donkey. The little Princess Fiona had the lil’ dragonlady sat up from her drowsy state (show time was at nap time) watching intently. Personally I thought Lord Farquaad stole the show – charming the audience with his workouts! We love all the songs and the cub shared that he liked this performance much more that the previous one we went to! So did I.

Shrek The Musical
Dates: 8-19 June 2016
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Mastercard Theatres
Get tickets here.

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