Bedtime and chatters

I’m a big fan of co-sleeping with children. My kids think Mommy is doing them a favour by allowing them to sleep by her side.

Little do they know how much comfort they bring to me when I get to smell them, hear them breathing, or hold their little hands as I drift off to sleep.

They make excellent companions especially during solo-parenting days. Yes, even when they kick and punch in their sleep.

During our bedtime chats, the cub loves sharing about his time in school – what he did with his friends, where did some of his friends go for holidays, who got scolded by the teachers, who didn’t want to play with him, etc. On weekends, he would share random stuff he had observed and we would be quietly amazed by how much he’s grown and learned.

Recently, we discovered his growing sense of humor and ability to pick up our underlying messages.

One of those random chats:

Cub: Mommy, you know what’s my favourite thing to do?
Me: Nope, what’s your favourite thing to do?
Cub: Buy a lot of toys!
Me: Oh! Do you know what’s MY favourite thing to do?
Cub: What is it?
Me: Watching you sleep! (which is true!)

Cub grinned and gave me a I-know-where-this-is-leading look and exclaimed, “but Mommy, I don’t want to sleep! I’m not tired!”

One of our bedtime chats:

Cub: Mommy, I’m Super Star. You have to call me Super Star now.
Me: Hmm, okayyyyy. Goodnight, Super MANY Stars! *points to the stars on his PJs*

Cub looked at his PJs and burst into peals of laughter.

Cub: NOOO, I’m Super Star! Call me Super Star!!
Me: Yes, Super-MANY-Star!!

By then, the lil’ dragonlady caught on with the joke and all three of us were laughing our heads off! Bedtime was delayed by about 30 minutes, but this is one of the most precious moments I have with my babies.